Finding Help at Our Teen Crisis

& Assessment Center

Designed for teens ages 6 to 17, ViewPoint Center is a nurturing, residential program with the expertise and high quality care of a mental hospital for teens. We offer comprehensive assessments and treatment to help families find answers.

Discovering Answers, Planning Solutions

At ViewPoint Center, we combine all aspects of a child’s life – socializing, academics, and a home-like environment – to develop comprehensive insights into a child’s diagnosis. This complete picture enables us to form a strong long-term treatment plan.


Our short-term residential program, located just outside Salt Lake City, uses a range of assessment programming to build a comprehensive, personalized plan for further treatment and continued success.


Whether your child is coming from a long-term therapeutic program, coming from home, or recovering from a crisis situation, our assessment programming identifies specific issues and formulates a new treatment plan. ViewPoint Center can provide the immediate support your child needs to begin their path towards healing.


A dedicated, experienced team will support both you and your child, sharing insights and working together to prevent challenges from recurring. ViewPoint Center is built around understanding your child’s struggles and developing a clear course of action for the future.

Developing A Master Treatment Plan

Initial Evaluation & Medical Evaluation
Core Psychological Assessment
Begin Master Treatment Plan
Transition Treatment Plan To Next Placement

Meet Assessment Director Dr. Jordan Rigby

ViewPoint Center’s Assessment Director Dr. Jordan Rigby explores various subjects related to mental health in his video series “Whiteboard Wisdom”. Check out some of these videos below or click here to view all of the Whiteboard Wisdom videos:

Accurate, Effective Treatment

Is your family seeking answers to your child’s mental health challenges? Don’t wait. Our trusted, compassionate assessments are the first step toward recovery.


Many of the families entering ViewPoint have inaccurate diagnoses. We uncover the challenges and create an effective path to tomorrow.
Patients Entering ViewPoint Center With Inaccurate Diagnosis0%

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Our statement on promoting acceptance


Elevations, The Approach, and The ViewPoint Center are committed to reflect on ourselves and our systems to take action in a way that supports equity and inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, and identity. We are committed to do better; we are committed to do more. Our goal is to make everlasting change in the lives of our students and their families as well as create a safe space on our campus for all students, staff, and families. We will continue to listen, improve, evolve, and grow.


The Syracuse Campus Leadership Team