ViewPoint Center is a residential mental health hospital for males and females ages 6-17

What People Say

Feedback from parents of clients and referring professionals

We felt that the whole Viewpoint team cared about our son and family. Our son was able to connect with a few of the staff members and especially his therapist Brandon Burr, which he has not been able to do in the past. Brandon was key in Patrick’s mental health treatment.


ViewPoint was just what we needed. We learned more about our Son, and he grew emotionally


ViewPoint was exactly what we needed. The interdisciplinary report was excellent. Very thorough and helped with determining our next steps for her continued recovery.

– NC

Receiving the proper diagnosis for our daughter and the suggestion of aftercare was extremely helpful for our family. Working together in family therapy was good and everyone on campus was so helpful!.


There were many great things, but one stands out: they respected our wish to limit medications. As a result, our child fully benefited from therapy and the healthy environment at ViewPoint in a way that was long-lasting and life-changing. We couldn’t be happier.


Our therapist and the entire staff were professional, empathetic and skilled. They quickly made a connection with our daughter. She still talks about the staff and how they changed her life. Viewpoint saved her life.


Things we loved most about ViewPoint; believable care, communication, the extensive IDR. and that our child felt accepted and cared for.


The best thing about ViewPoint was Dr Rigby. He did a wonderful job with the testing and the IDR review was helpful to review findings. The Nurse practitioners and several milieu staff were very supportive as well. We are very thankful.


ViewPoint saved my son’s life. I am so grateful that we found it all the way from the East Coast. We got a clear diagnosis which launched us forward into successful treatment. Now our son is heading to college. For awhile, we didn’t think he would ever make it out of sickness.


Everyone was wonderful. Word needs to get out about your facility. We are in NH and there is absolutely NOTHING here to help kids with mental illness. ViewPoint was a game changer for us and the care far surpassed any experiences we had in New England.


Our overall experience at Viewpoint was amazing. My daughter had a thorough evaluation, felt comfortable with the staff that did the evaluation, liked the mentor counselors, built a strong relationship with the mental health psychiatrist and her therapist, and gained insight into her ownmental health. My daughter adored and trusted AnnaMarie completely. This helped her to feel comfortable being open and honest with how she felt. I would recommend this program to anyone.


The work with our child was subtle and very sophisticated; the most helpful therapeutic work to date. Therapist Brandon Burr was so insightful and creative in working with our child, and in helping us to understand them better. Thank you


There are no words for how well ViewPoint cared for our daughter. She felt heard, safe, and well taken care of. All staff at ViewPoint treated her with respect and let her be a part of her treatment by educating her and letting her voice her needs and concerns.


ViewPoint literally saved our daughter’s life. You heard her, she trusted you, you listened to our concerns and you addressed each and everyone one of them. Because of that a child that was in between residential treatment facilities came home instead. Our daughter is thriving due to the medication changes you made and the support and encouragement you all gave her. THANK YOU! We will be forever grateful for your team. Keep doing what you do. We have been in several treatment facilities and you all are the best at what you do.Viewpoint has a reputation with the kids as the “best place” they have been.


Viewpoint was phenomenal at getting my child to a mental space where he was accepting of treatment. The caring staff who took care of him during a difficult time and the reassurance they provided me that they would not give up on him, was everything. Knowing that my son was 100% safe also meant the world.


Thank you for helping us navigate a very dark and uncertain time. I am so amazed & grateful. I know its early in our journey, and I can already see progress, and positive changes. I am excited moving forward


The staff at ViewPoint was always attentive and helpful. My child made great strides towards better mental health in the short time he was there. I feel secure in the thoughts that my child was finally getting the help he desperately needed.

– ZG

Something that I really appreciated about ViewPoint is that having a comprehensive assessment that included observation of my child in the milieu (which included some outings and a bit more normalcy for my child).

– DW

Expertise and Accreditations

Our expert staff and range of professional accreditations set ViewPoint Center apart from other residential treatment centers. You can rest easy knowing that your child is receiving the most knowledgeable, reputable care available during this difficult time.