Clinical Programming and Treatment Planning

Beginning The Healing Journey

At ViewPoint Center, we believe that consistent, supportive therapeutic programming is the key to lasting recovery. Our patients receive regular therapeutic sessions, which give our staff the knowledge to build a diagnosis and design an effective treatment plan. Therapeutic programming is tailored to the specific needs of each client. ViewPoint Center has therapeutic staff trained in techniques such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (learn more here) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).


Through a relationship-based approach, our therapists spend time building trust with your child. We start at the stage of change where your child is at and help them discover their personal values and motivation by focusing on what’s important to them. Our therapists aid your child in taking a vested interest in their own treatment, increasing their desire to learn the skills to manage their emotions, behaviors, and relationships. Your child will engage in weekly individual therapy with daily check-ins and observations.


We believe your child’s overall wellbeing is enhanced through strong family connections and support. In weekly family therapy sessions via Skype (and in-person when possible), we focus on improving communication between family members, encouraging parenting skills, addressing and discussing sensitive concerns, and goal-setting. Parents may also be asked to participate in reading assignments at home. Additionally, parents are invited to communicate via letters with their child.


Your child will engage weekly in five hours of group therapy. We understand that peers play a particularly important role in an adolescent’s life, which is why we use group therapy to foster positive peer feedback, while interrupting and challenging negative peer influence. We want to give life to building and maintaining healthy relationships. In group therapy, your child will be taught and encouraged to use assertive communication to help accept and contribute to a positive peer culture.


We have a 1:4 staff to child ratio, allowing us to provide your child with better 24-hour support and help them manage their emotions and behaviors. we also have the ability to individualize plans and can offer a 1:1 staff to student support when needed. Milieu staff play a central role in observing your child and helping the treatment team gain a deeper understanding of areas in which your child may have difficulties or strengths. With open communication between all our teams, we’re able to give your child a higher level of care.

Planning For Future Treatment

Emotional and behavioral crises can make you wonder whether a healthy, happy future is still possible. ViewPoint Center has helped many families cope with this uncertainty and move forward together with confidence. Our staff can explain the issues your child is facing, advise you about treatment plans, and work with you to create a new beginning.