Why ViewPoint Center

Restoring Hope To Families

Clear Answers, Real Solutions

Is your child facing a challenge that you can’t handle on your own? Are you feeling overwhelmed by your options? Frustrated with results that don’t last? Unsure about how to move forward?


ViewPoint Center is a fully-accredited, inclusive mental health facility that provides compassionate care to teens and families in the midst of a crisis.


Our program was designed from the ground up to help families rebound and rebuild after a mental health emergency. We use evidence-based assessment programs to clarify the issues that your child is facing, offer comprehensive support, and help your whole family begin the journey toward healing.

Why ViewPoint Center?

__SafeAndSupportive (2)

Safe & Supportive

Our secure, supportive facility is specifically designed to protect and nurture struggling teens. Round-the-clock supervision and secure buildings keep our patients safe.

__Comprehensive (1)


We utilize a variety of assessment tools designed to establish the most accurate possible diagnosis, then build an individualized comprehensive, detailed treatment plan.

__SmallAndIndividualized (2)

Small & Individualized

Our team of expert caretakers provide highly personalized programming. We purposefully stay small to attend to every patient’s individual struggles and needs.

__ResearchDriven (2)


Every aspect of our programming is informed by the latest advances in psychiatric research and directed by trained professionals with years of clinical experience.

Expertise and Accreditations

Our expert staff and range of professional accreditations set ViewPoint Center apart from other residential treatment centers. You can rest easy knowing that your child is receiving the most knowledgeable, reputable care available during this difficult time.

Crisis Prevention

Emotional and mental crises can leave your child vulnerable and frightened about what lies ahead. Your family could benefit from a stable environment and capable psychiatric support during this time. ViewPoint Center offers expert, compassionate care to prevent further mental health emergencies.

Planning For The Future

If an emergency situation has left your family struggling for answers and confused about the future, ViewPoint Center has the resources to help. Many of the families that we serve are unsure about their options. We recommend the most beneficial treatment options, address your child’s specific struggles, and chart a clear path for recovery.

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