How ViewPoint Helps Support LGBTQIA Teens

ViewPoint has programs to show their support for the LGBTQIA teens and community.

How ViewPoint Helps Support LGBTQIA Teens

Pride Month gets more and more celebrated around the United States in June. What started as a parade celebration in New York City in 1970 has started to grow all around the world. At ViewPoint, we know how special this can be for past and present LGBTQIA teens coming through our program.

ViewPoint accepts all teenagers, and getting them the help they need ensures a smooth home transition. Knowing more about the program helps parents feel more confident in their decision.

All Gender-Inclusive Residential Treatment Center

ViewPoint is all gender-inclusive, meaning genders aren’t separated, and all are accepted. The world has people from all walks of life and genders, so an inpatient facility should provide that same setting.  An added benefit from an LGBTQIA standpoint is that every patient is on even ground from the beginning. Everyone who walks to the doors of ViewPoint has their own story to tell, and acceptance comes that much easier without separation.

Spacious Facility

The grounds at ViewPoint are perfect for patients who need their own space but must be separated from the outside world for a little bit. It’s one of the more spacious facilities for an inpatient program, allowing patients to explore and learn about themselves in many different ways.

Staff and faculty that care

Every single new hire at ViewPoint Center is vetted to work with all types of patients properly. They can be there for individuals when they need it, which is perfect for any teen that might be struggling with their own identity.

Teenagers go through a wealth of issues as they mature, so having a supportive team of therapists, mentors, doctors and nurses can keep a patient engaged. The last thing a family wants is that their teenager is not getting the attention they need at an inpatient program. That should never be the case in a time of need.

Trusted Community

Teenagers end up at ViewPoint for one reason or another. Back home, many patients dealt with being outsiders or never fitting in with their peers. At ViewPoint, they can find others who might be going through similar situations, allowing them to work through it together.

A judgment-free zone like ViewPoint is precisely what some LGBTQIA teenagers need. Those steps of coming out and announcing how they identify can help eliminate some other problems a teenager might face.

Is ViewPoint the right option for LGBTQIA Teens?

Parents who have tried out other residential treatment centers should consider ViewPoint. It offers a perfect solution for patients dealing with various issues related to gender identity.

Pride month aims to raise awareness for patients who might be on the cusp of accepting who they are a little bit more. What the best treatment programs aim for is to provide a welcoming location so that patients never feel like they are being held back. 

To learn more about ViewPoint Center, visit or contact our admissions team for additional information.