ViewPoint Center’s New Wing for Children Supports Early Intervention

ViewPoint Center’s New Wing for Children Supports Early Intervention

ViewPoint Center has opened a new wing dedicated specifically to children aged 6 to 12 years old. This significant expansion aims to address the urgent need for accessible, high-quality mental health services for younger children. With 1 in 7 children suffering from undiagnosed, treatable mental health disorders, ViewPoint’s initiative is a step forward in providing early intervention and comprehensive support.

Dr. Rigby, Director of Assessment, and the experienced interdisciplinary team at ViewPoint are at the forefront of delivering thorough clinical assessments and comprehensive interdisciplinary reports (IDRs). By identifying mental health issues early, ViewPoint supports the prevention of long-term consequences that untreated disorders may have on children’s futures, including educational setbacks, social services dependence, and increased risk of suicide.

ViewPoint offers two distinct tracks to meet each child’s unique needs: a short-term stabilization track designed for immediate psychiatric and clinical stabilization, enabling children to return to their educational settings within 1 to 3 weeks, and an in-depth assessment track that spans eight weeks. This comprehensive evaluation addresses complex diagnostic questions and lays out a clear, individualized long-term treatment plan.

Applications for enrollment for children aged 6-17 are open, and the admissions team is available to field any questions. ViewPoint Center’s expert team is committed to providing high-quality care in an environment where young patients can achieve stability, access treatment, and receive the comprehensive guidance needed for a successful future.


About ViewPoint Center

ViewPoint Center is a comprehensive, patient-centered facility offering diagnostic and treatment services for children and adolescents with mental health issues. ViewPoint’s evidence-based approach ensures that each patient receives individualized care designed to diagnose and treat complex mental health disorders.