Using Proven Therapy, Not Fear: Getting Help for Troubled Teens

Using Proven Therapy, Not Fear: Getting Help for Troubled Teens

Boot camps are still a popular thought when parents want help for troubled teens in their lives–but they shouldn’t be. Studies have shown that the fear-driven techniques used in boot camps do more harm than good; while therapeutic programs that use proven, comprehensive therapies to provide help for troubled teens are shown to work much more effectively.

The difference between boot camps and therapeutic programs

These two ways of providing help for troubled teens are like night and day. Specifically in the way that boot camps rarely end in happily ever after and a less troubled teen.

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Safe Zone. Unlike boot camps, therapeutic programs create a healthy environment that is separate from outside distractions and allows teens to work through their individual issues with professional care takers involved.

Therapeutic Techniques, Not “Scared Straight.” Therapeutic programs don’t use scare tactics. Instead of scaring a teenager into doing the right thing, these programs focus on leading adolescents to the right path and letting them figure it out on their own–but with supervision and regular comprehensive therapy to guide them.

Trained, Caring Staff. In boot camps, one imagines the “staff” as someone tough yelling commands in your face. Therapeutic programs strive to have trained and caring staff that are passionate about providing help for troubled teens.

Regular Therapy. Rarely do boot camps incorporate true therapy into their framework, which is what a struggling teen really needs in order to move forward. In therapeutic programs, teens often attend many sessions a week with a clinical professional, not to mention the whole program is outfitted to be a therapeutic experience.

ViewPoint Center provides help for troubled teens

ViewPoint Center is a mental health facility for teens, ages 12-17, that are struggling with mental health issues. We strive to provide the best help for troubled teens. ViewPoint utilizes a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to find the best individualized treatment for your child. 

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