Teen Depression: There’s an App For That

Teen Depression: There’s an App For That

Photo Source: Flickr User- Pabak Sarkar

Photo Source: Flickr User- Pabak Sarkar

With such extensive technological advances in the past few years, it is not surprising that the mental health industry is following suit. There are literally thousands of resources via phone, tablet or computer that allow teens to get help immediately and confidentially, for everything from panic attacks to teen depression.

A growing technology sector is creating coaching, counseling and monitoring services for teens and young adults fighting eating disorders, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. – Lorraine Sanders, NPR 

Upcoming apps

Launching in the spring, CodeBlue will offer an app specific to teen depression. It will allow teens to send a text message to designated individuals, a support group, when they are struggling with feelings of severe depression. In February, Lantern, a self-improvement and mental health company, will be launching a new section of their app dedicated to helping individuals overcome eating disorders.

The increase of availability to care

One of the quickest ways to reach a large number of people is through the use of technology. With websites and apps such as the Crisis Text Line, CodeBlue and Mood 24/7, a new form of therapy is being introduced to the masses. They offer accountability methods, round-the-clock crisis interference, exercises to increase self-esteem and more. People are now seeing options they never thought they had.

Real-life therapist critical to overcoming teen depression

According to the World Health Organization, teen depression is “the top cause of illness and disability for 10 to 19-year-olds.” Most cases of teen depression cannot be overcome easily; they require a therapy program that encourages their self-confidence and teaches new coping mechanisms for stress or other severe feelings. Although technological resources can be greatly beneficial to a teen’s treatment, they should not be the sole form of therapy.

However helpful the technological mental health can be in certain situations, the need for a traditional therapist is vital. With the use of technology, the genuine human connection is almost eliminated. Where as a therapist can detect warning signs for major problems, an app lacks the reasoning and intuition a human can provide.

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