Staying Sober During the holidays

Tips to staying sober for the holidays

Staying Sober During the holidays

Here at ViewPoint, we can’t stress enough the importance of focusing on sobriety during the holiday season. Certain things can trigger addiction and substance abuse during this time of year, especially during holiday celebrations among family and friends. The stress and pressure to have a good time and get along with everyone can often lead to relapses for those struggling with addiction.

Not to mention the increased social pressure to drink alcohol that often arises in celebratory holiday settings. While this time of year makes it more challenging to stay sober, taking steps to maintain sobriety even in this challenging environment can lead to better working relationships with others and yourself. 

Today, we break down the most important reasons to try and stay sober during the holidays. Which in turn enables you to make more meaningful connections with family and friends. All leading to an increase in happiness and fulfillment this Holiday season

Although temptations increase during the holidays, opting for sobriety opens up doors to make the most of your time and truly enjoy yourself. Without these harmful substances in your system, you get to feel better physically (no hangovers, no getting sick) and feel better mentally. 

Drinking takes a toll on your nervous system and can lead to increased anxiety and low moods over the coming days. Even when you experience a hangover following a night of drinking, you might find that you are more anxious or sad than usual. These aren’t exactly things you want to be experiencing during celebrations if you can avoid them.

Staying sober during the holidays can help foster confidence in yourself to achieve more meaningful sobriety goals. Without substances getting in the way of your perception, you can fully experience your time among loved ones and enjoy gatherings. 

Whether you choose to occupy your time with games, cooking, or some other activity instead of drinking, you can find enjoyment in the little things.

You Get to Make and Keep Memories

One big reason to stay sober at holiday functions is that you get to make more healthy and happy memories. Not only that – you also get to keep these memories for years to come. 

Sometimes, too much drinking can inhibit memory, meaning you wouldn’t be able to cherish the good times you did have over the holidays. 

By making moves to stay sober around family and friends, you can create memories that you can access afterward. 

You Get to Keep Yourself and Loved One’s Safe

Staying sober is not only more enjoyable during the holidays, but it’s also safer for everyone involved. Although you may think you know your limits, addiction, and substance abuse makes it difficult to toe the line. 

With everyone else taking part in drinking, you might feel left out. However, you’re creating a safer environment for yourself, children, family, and friends by saying no. 

Sobriety during the holidays also keeps you from getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, which means you’re keeping strangers safe on the road, as well. It’s a choice you make not just for yourself but for those around you as well.

You’re Better Off Emotionally

One of the more significant risks of drinking during the holidays is that alcohol can intensify stressful emotions, such as anger or frustration. If you drink too much, you are even more prone to aggressive behavior that you want to avoid around those you love. Alcohol affects brain chemicals that you need to maintain good mental health. 

Sometimes, it’s hard enough being around certain family members, which may cause disagreements or stress. But if you approach these conversations and holiday situations while sober, you can have an easier time processing your emotions. 

With this in mind, you can approach decisions and conversations with a little more patience and a clear head. Having these is beneficial for all parties involved, especially yourself, as it helps you create better relationships. And this leads to the following reason that holiday sobriety is so important. 

You Get to Foster Both New and Old Relationships

Whether you’re at a family function and want to get to know a distant relative better, or you’re at a friend’s party and want to meet a new acquaintance. Staying sober during the holidays is an opportunity to work on existing relationships and newly formed ones. 

While it may seem like you need to drink as a social lubricant, nurturing relationships with a clear mind and healthy inhibitions can lead to better relationships. 

While under the influence, there is no telling what you might say or do with perceivably wrong intentions. It’s tough to find out after the fact that you said something you didn’t mean to say to a close friend or family member because you were too intoxicated. 

You can avoid these misunderstandings by staying sober and reaching out to loved ones to grow closer. 

How Does ViewPoint Help You Stay Sober During the Holidays?

The connections you make with your family and friends during the holidays shape your relationships for years to come. Staying sober during the holiday season can be beneficial in various areas of your life, from friendships to self-confidence and more. 

ViewPoint makes it possible for teens and their parents to achieve their goals of staying sober during the holidays. With a combination of personalized care and intensive psychiatric treatment for teens aged 6-17.10, we address mental health and addiction to foster resilience and confidence.