At A Glance Section


ViewPoint is highly regarded by educational consultants and therapeutic programs and we often function as a stepping stone to help adolescents move their lives in a positive direction.


Our stabilization team helps to determine how well medications are working and give your family a better understand as to why your child is not thriving.


From a one day stay to a four month placement our stabilization track helps to take a lot of stress off your family and bring success back into your teen’s life.


Assessment at ViewPoint is all about clarifying diagnosis. At home diagnosis can be skewed with time between appointments, environmental factors, or test anxiety.

We evaluate during official tests but also outside of the tests in group therapy, individualized therapy, while your child is with peers or in school.

At ViewPoint we can offer families the most complete, all encompassing assessment possible. It would be nearly impossible to duplicate our efficiency and accuracy in any other environment.


Nearly 75% of patients entering ViewPoint are misdiagnosed. Our diagnosis are focused on knowing what medications are working for your child and what medications may need to change.


Our full battery of tests combined with round the clock support and assessment give us a crystal clear picture of how to help your child find success.

A misdiagnosis can lead to your child having difficulty in school, in social situations, and lead to destructive family issues. If uncorrected these challenges right now can have long term negative effects and limit achievement as an adult.


David Hans

Executive Director

Jeffery Wilson, MD, FAACAP

Medical Director

Brandon Park, PhD

Assessment Director

Randi Nelson

Admission Director

Craig Ramsey

Utilization Review Coordinator

Britten Lamb

Lead Milieu

William “Casey” Foy

Lead Milieu

Sammy “Sam” Floyd

Lead Milieu

Joshua Cluff

Primary Therapist

Peter Brickey

Primary Therapist

June Chavez

Lead Milieu

Jennifer Young

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Chris Shupe

Weekend Nurse

Mindy Runnels

Overnight Nurse

Melody Neel

Director of Nursing

Nicholle “Nikki” Lunceford

Weekend evenings Nurse

Kellie Lambert

Day Nurse

Autumn Brady

Evening Nurse

Ashley McCann

Admissions Coordinator

Lance Rhodes