ViewPoint Center offers safe facilities where our patients can stabilize and rebalance. While not every patient needs this step, for those who do, our Medical Team determines how well medications are working and the potential side effects of each medication separately. Once our patients are stabilized we can start the assessment and treatment process.

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Assessment is about clarifying diagnosis. We begin using a range of assessment tests. We continue with individual and group therapy as well as residential and academic activities designed to give a more comprehensive and clear assessment.

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Nearly 75% of patients entering Viewpoint are misdiagnosed. Our diagnoses are focused on a full medication evaluation, diagnostic assessment, and then continual reassessment. Our comprehensive approach and team environment offers a clearer picture of how to help your child going forward.

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We work exclusively with teens aged 12 – 18  in a unique, individualized setting. Typically patients stay 5-6 weeks. The length of stay allows us to create a substantive diagnostic plan that best fits the patients needs for future success.

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Help is Here.

We understand that families looking for stabilization help are in a time of crisis. We want to make the transition to ViewPoint Center as comfortable and smooth as possible. From exit surveys, 100% of families said that they felt like ViewPoint Center “genuinely cared about their child.”

At our teen psychiatric hospital, we offer medically supervised and assisted stabilization tracks where we can provide excellent services in the midst of acute psychiatric episodes. Our immediate focus in psychiatric stabilization is your child’s safety and wellbeing. Once stabilization is achieved, we move into comprehensive and multi-disciplinary assessment coupled with effective diagnostics and long-term treatment planning.

Working Through the Crisis at Our Teen Psychiatric Hospital

Our stabilization track, which lasts between 7 to 21 days, concludes when symptoms reduce. While hospitalized, teens receive the following care:

  • Comprehensive psychiatric assessment of their history, current symptoms, substance use and any additional general medical conditions
  • Medication evaluation and management
  • 30 hours of weekly therapeutic programming that includes individual, group and family therapy with licensed clinicians

Stabilization in our teen psychiatric hospital is performed by our multi-disciplinary team, which includes board certified clinicians, psychiatric nurse practitioners and mental health specialists. In addition, other team members provide individualized support to each patient in the areas of academic, social and recreational skill-building.

Our Staff

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