Squeezing a Ball May Help Your Struggling Student

Squeezing a Ball May Help Your Struggling Student

Is your struggling student having issues focusing or solving problems? Or are they having issues thinking outside of the box or being flexible? According to a recent article by PsychCentral, the answer may be between squeezing a hard ball versus a soft ball with your left hand. It sounds so simple, but researchers were astounded by the results of just squeezing a ball with your left hand as hard as you can for around a minute. Researchers think this has to do with the difference between divergent thinking and convergent thinking.struggling student

Results of the study

Convergent thinking is useful for processing information, connecting information, gaining knowledge, and solving problems. It has a lot to do with solving problems in the real world. It has to do with focus. Divergent thinking is more about “brainstorming” and thinking outside the box. For a struggling student, they can have issues with divergent and/or convergent thinking, but this study may make things a little easier on these kids.

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