Self Regulation in Teens Essential to Becoming A Successful Adult

self regulation in teens

Self Regulation in Teens Essential to Becoming A Successful Adult

Self regulation is not often a term used in relation with teenagers. That particular age is notorious for impulsivity, but for some teens it’s more than just a few bad decisions and mood swings. In serious cases, a teen could struggle with self control to the point of getting involved in drugs, having dangerous outbursts, and more. Self regulation in teens is particularly important because it helps you transition easier into adulthood.

On top of that, new research has shown that self regulation in teens can help them get through tough times easier than those who are more impulsive.

Research shows why self regulation in teens is important

Mistakes in adulthood aren’t rare–they’re a part of life. Some of us deal with them better than others and that unsurprisingly traces back to how we were raised and taught early in life. For teens, it can be hard to see past certain moments that are difficult, while many adults are able to see what they can do to improve in the future.

For example, you have a boy taking a history class–he’s not very good at the subject. He fails another test. If he’s had little instruction how to productively deal with this type of issue, it could be very hard to move past. He may begin to struggle with anxiety or depression as a result of the pressure to perform well.

Now, let’s think about if this boy had known some productive ways to deal with this issue. He learns from the failure, seeks out others for guidance on how to improve, and assesses how he can avoid this mistake in the future. It becomes a learning experience instead of a moment of negativity.

Recent studies have shown that self regulation in teens can lead to better academic performance, lower stress, and improvements in symptoms of depression. It’s also been shown that self regulation in teens can be learned, it’s not just something you’re born with.

Through support, guidance, and help, it seems that teens can begin to control their impulses and work through difficult situations effectively.

Success through self regulation

Self regulation is all about being able to stay calm in bad situations and work through them productively. It’s about keeping your cool in an argument so you can reach a positive ending. It’s about working through issues and learning from them.

Self regulation in teens has also been proven to potentially increase academic performance, lower anxiety, and decrease depression. It’s obvious that this skill is necessary for overall success.

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