Putting a cork in it: 6 steps to prevent underage drinking

prevent underage drinking

Putting a cork in it: 6 steps to prevent underage drinking

There’s something awful  plaguing our nation’s high schools. That something is underage drinking. Peer pressure is at an all time high for teens to partake in underage drinking and drug use. But you can take the preventative measures to stop your teen from falling into the trap.

Preventative measures

Here are 6 ways you can prevent your teen from underage drinking:

  1. Talk to them. Inform your teen of the hazardous health effects drinking causes. According to a report by the American Academy of Pediatrics, 80 percent of teenagers believe their parents are their biggest influence on whether they choose to drink, and parents can help those children stay away from alcohol.
  2. Get teens active. Teens involved in physical activities such as dance, theatre, sports, and music can’t drink because it would inhibit their ability to perform well.
  3. Know how to spot the symptoms of underage drinking. Symptoms of underage drinking include: sudden change in friend groups, decline in grades, smelling alcohol on breath, coordination issues, slurred speech and memory issues.
  4. Set a good example. If you don’t want your teens to engage in underage drinking, you shouldn’t drink either (or at least not to an excess and not around your teen). The second greatest risk factor for underage drinking is having parents that drink.
  5. Know who your teen is hanging out with. Invite their friends over to your house for a get together. Monitor their behavior on social media by making your teen friend you on Facebook and other platforms.
  6. Set strict guidelines for underage drinking. Let your teen know what will happen if underage drinking takes place, which would be harsh punishment. If your teen knows what will happen if they drink, they will be less likely to.

ViewPoint Center can help

If your teen is engaging in underage drinking and it has become a problem, consider ViewPoint Center. ViewPoint Center is a teen mental health hospital for teens ages 12-17 experiencing emotional and behavioral issues. If your teen is drinking because of an underlying mental health issue, ViewPoint Center can help.


For more information about ViewPoint Center, please call 801-825-5222.


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