Preventing Teen Drug Use and the War on Drugs in Your Home

preventing teen drug use

Preventing Teen Drug Use and the War on Drugs in Your Home

Nancy Reagan rolled out her “Just Say No” campaign, which was followed by the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program in the 80s. Although their efforts in preventing teen drug use were well-intentioned, their abstinence models have been criticized for oversimplifying the problem and being unrealistic. As drugs have become more widely available in high schools and used socially at parties, it is important for parents to recognize why their teen might be inclined to “say yes” and if their teen is at risk for using drugs to self-medicate.

Why Teens are Tempted to Experiment

There are a wide range of reasons teenagers don’t “say no” to drugs, depending on the individual and the type of drug they are considering using. Most teens are vulnerable and may not understand or care about the long-term consequences of their actions. Understanding why they might be at risk for using drugs prepares you to look out for signs that they may be abusing drugs and taking the necessary steps to keep them safe before they get trapped in the cycle.

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