Overcoming the nightmare: Anxiety disorders in teens

Overcoming the nightmare: Anxiety disorders in teens

Have you ever had that classic nightmare? The one in all movies where you have a speech and run on stage so nervous that you forgot to wear clothes. That is an anxiety induced stress dream; normal, common, natural, temporary, stress.

Now imagine your teen having that nightmare every single night. Jolting awake every morning feeling that common test-day nervousness we have all felt, times ten. Nervous about an imaginary speech she doesn’t have to give. Fearful about daily life. That is an anxiety disorder; irrational, unnatural, debilitating, chronic, anxiety.

Anxiety disorders are the most common psychiatric illnesses affecting children and adults. – ADAA

What is an anxiety disorder?

Stress is the natural bodily response to a situation that is perceived as dangerous or potentially disruptive to our personal comfort. Anxiety is a feeling of worry or nervousness that is a result of the stress that is secondary to the stressor, typically a looming event or task. As soon as that event passes or task is completed, the stress is over. Anxiety disorders are when that stress and anxiety never pass, regardless of the presence of a stressor. This constant worry and fear can begin to interfere with daily life such as school and relationships.

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