How We Provide Help for Troubled Teens in Crisis

help for troubled teens

How We Provide Help for Troubled Teens in Crisis

Depending on what your family is looking for, help for troubled teens can be hard to find. It can take days, weeks, even months to find a treatment program that’s the perfect fit for your specific child.

No individual is the same, which means no program is able to fit the needs of every teen. Which is why there’s the need for individualized help for troubled teens–this is why ViewPoint Center exists.

Early intervention and accurate diagnosis critical to success

The adolescent years are volatile and difficult for many teens–they’re also the years that many individuals begin to show symptoms of a mental illness, but often don’t get treatment. Studies show that these years are a “window of opportunity” to change the lives of these young people for the better.

During this time, the brain is going through a huge transformative period where things are still malleable; this is why early intervention is key. This time is the perfect time to make a real intervention that will follow these individuals into adulthood.

While early intervention is incredibly important, it’s nothing without an accurate diagnosis. Your child needs to be getting the correct therapy and medications, otherwise the early intervention will fall flat.

An inaccurate diagnosis can actually throw everything off the tracks. This is why we offer a clear and detailed assessment process to recognize your child’s individual struggles.    

Our process at ViewPoint

At ViewPoint, we provide exhaustive clinical assessment and diagnosis services. We want to paint a clearer picture for your family so you have the opportunity to move forward smoothly. Our assessment process includes a combination of psychotherapy, neuropsychological testing, classroom assessments, psychiatric stabilization, therapeutic milieu, and daily recreation.

Our therapy is conducted by licensed clinicians to ensure the best assessment and treatment available. Every child receives:

  • At least two individual therapy sessions weekly
  • Daily check-ins
  • One family therapy session through Skype or telephone conference weekly
  • Five group therapy sessions weekly

After the diagnosis is nailed down, we continuously revisit it in order to make sure it continues to be correct. Diagnoses can change and we realize this, that’s why we regularly assess and reassess each individual.

Every staff member is keeping an eye out for changes in behavior or symptoms through individual tests, peer relationships, academic performance, and group interactions. We want to offer the most accurate help for troubled teens that we can possibly give. With a clear, accurate diagnosis, we can provide recommendations for how to move forward towards future treatments.

If you believe your son or daughter is struggling with a mental health issue, it is imperative to reach out to a professional for further guidance.

ViewPoint is here for your family

ViewPoint Center is an assessment center for teens, ages 12 to 17. At ViewPoint Center, we provide treatment through superior assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and stabilization–all in a personalized environment for your child in crisis. We strive to provide the best help for troubled teens through the most efficient and effective methods available. Our goal is to help your teen through this hard time.  

For more information about help for troubled teens at ViewPoint Center, contact us today at 801-825-5222.


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