Why Do We Need Mental Health Awareness Month?

Why Do We Need Mental Health Awareness Month?

It’s May, otherwise known as Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental health awareness has been steadily growing around the world, but it is still largely below what it should and could be. Often, getting treated for a mental illness is something looked at as “embarrassing” and people rarely want others to know it’s happening. Looking away from the issue doesn’t make the issue disappear–if anything, it gets worse.

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Why mental health awareness is important

According to the World Health Organization and World Economic Forum, mental illness is the largest economic burden the world has today. Only about half of people in developed countries struggling with a mental illness get the help they need, while in developing countries 90 percent go without any form of treatment. The stigma against mental illness and lack of mental health awareness worsens already existing mental health issues.

With increased mental health awareness comes more support and care for those that need it. Currently, the public’s opinion on mental issues has a negative impact on those dealing with them, but the public has the power to make a positive impact. When people are educated on mental illnesses, their effects, and how often they occur, it lessens the bad rep they have. Mental health is just as important as physical health, in some aspects it’s more important because you can’t keep your physical health without a healthy mental capacity.

The impact of mental health

Mental health and physical health are intertwined. One can rarely have one without the other, they feed each other. Especially for children, mental health decides how you move throughout the world. It affects how we think, act, and feel about the world around us. If a child has mental health issues that go untreated, it can shape how that child lives the rest of their life. A person’s mental health chooses whether they’re going to live a healthy or unhealthy life.

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