Growing pains: Four common teen problems and solutions

Growing pains: Four common teen problems and solutions

Being a teenager can be both the best time of your life and one of the worst. As teens face emotional and physical changes, so many things can go wrong. They may begin to distance themselves from their family, or feel peer pressure from their friends into things they aren’t ready to do. Everything is so uncertain as a teen- what college you’ll get into, who you’ll take to prom, and what your future will look like. One thing is for certain though- you, as a parent, can be there for them to offer solutions to common teen problems.

Getting them through this

Teen problems can feel like the end of the world to many teens. Regardless of how your son or daughter might act towards you, they still need you to guide them along their teen problems.

Here are four common teen problems and ways you can help:

1.Coping with stress.

Teens everywhere are facing more stress than ever before. According to the American Psychological Association, thirty percent of teens report feeling sad or depressed due to stress and thirty one percent say they feel overwhelmed. It is now harder than ever before to get into a good university because more people are going to college. Doing well in school while balancing an active social and extracurricular life can make everyday life seem unbearable for some teens.

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Solution: Help them balance their school work, extracurriculars, and social life by helping them make a set schedule they can put somewhere visible, like a wall in their room. Also, make sure they’re going to bed at an appropriate time. Sleep is the best cure for stress.

2. Bullying.

In schools across the US, bullying has become a major, inescapable teen problem. With the recent popularity of social media, cyberbullying has caused bullying to continue even when your teen is safe at home. This issue should be taken extremely seriously and with your full attention.

Solution: Reach out to your teen’s friends. When they see the bullying occur, get them to intervene. Additionally, you could attend an event with your teen to scope out the social interactions your teen has in order to prevent bullying from occurring in the first place.

3. Body Image.

For many teens, the image of stick thin celebrities perpetuated by the media greatly distorts their own body image. This negative sense of body image can lead to depression, or even an eating disorder.

Solution: Tell your teen something positive about their personality and appearance every day. They need your support, and your words mean a lot to them.

4. Addiction to technology.

Another huge teen issue is technology addiction. It may seem impossible to separate your teen from their phone or laptop. Social media is the main way most teens interact with their peers, so separating them from those interactions may seem cruel and unusual.

Solution: Make guidelines for when they can and cannot use their phone and laptop. For example, forbid them from using those advices during family time like dinner or other bonding activities. You may also take their devices away one hour before bedtime to ensure they are not using their devices for inappropriate reasons.

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