Ensuring Long-Term Success

Ensuring Long-Term Success

Can short-term assessment and stabilization prevent future treatment failures and ensure long-term success?

The services offered at ViewPoint Center have shown to:

  • Improve Long-Term Results
  • Bring Stability to Families in Crisis
  • Enable Informed Decision-Making
  • Ease Treatment Transition

Improve Long-Term Results

Misdiagnosis can lead to ineffective treatments and program failures. Our proficiency in providing precise diagnoses ensures that interventions are aligned with the patient’s specific challenges, enhancing the likelihood of treatment success. By focusing on a thorough interdisciplinary report, we prevent misdiagnoses and set the stage for successful, targeted interventions.

Bring Stability to Families in Crisis

Crisis stabilization is at the heart of what we do, providing immediate support to halt the downward spiral and stabilize the situation as a foundation for recovery. Beyond immediate stabilization, we’re committed to building resilience in adolescents. ViewPoint equips patients with essential coping skills and emotional regulation techniques, preparing them for the challenges ahead.

Enable Informed Decision-Making

We empower families and professionals with the knowledge to make informed decisions about future treatment options, ensuring that the chosen path aligns with the adolescent’s specific needs and goals. Aligning a long-term treatment option with the needs identified during our short-term assessment significantly enhances the likelihood of success. Informed decision-making is pivotal in preventing future treatment failure and charting a course toward sustained recovery and well-being.

Ease Treatment Transition

We focus on a smooth progression from our center to ongoing therapy, minimizing disruptions and fostering continued progress toward recovery. We believe that for successful transitions, adolescents should feel informed, capable, and supported as they navigate treatment.