Elevations and ViewPoint Celebrate 10 Years of Service!

Elevations and ViewPoint Celebrate 10 Years of Service!

Elevations and ViewPoint Celebrate 10 Years of Service!

This year, we commemorate an incredible milestone—ten years of service at Elevations & ViewPoint, a decade of commitment not just to the field of therapeutic care but also to advancing a deep understanding of our role within the community. In this email, we celebrate this remarkable achievement and reflect on the key milestones that have shaped our journey.

A Decade of Achievements

In the last ten years, we have tirelessly worked towards refining our approach while remaining dedicated to the clientele we serve. Our continued focus on long-term care for acute cases sets us apart in an era leaning towards short-term interventions. By doing so, we’ve helped countless young individuals stabilize and gain the skillset required to thrive in today’s complex world.

Our commitment to excellence has led us to:

  • Expand our services to provide acute care for younger children at ViewPoint Center
  • Obtain a certification for recreation therapy, making fun an essential part of healing at Elevations
  • Become a leader in gender-spectrum awareness and inclusivity for residential treatment centers, offering all-gender facilities, classrooms, and support groups
  • Foster a cohesive community on campus, underscored by the stability and longevity of our interdisciplinary team
  • Continue our commitment to and success in serving individuals who have not found success in prior treatment

A Testament to Our Impact

We’ve had the privilege of transforming the lives of nearly 2000 families, guiding them from moments of uncertainty to optimistic, healthy futures. We are grateful for all the individuals involved in creating a positive impact on these families.

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Our Future & Reflections

Looking ahead, we aim to continue enhancing our programs and services, adhering to the best practices in healthcare while adapting to the ever-evolving needs of our modern world. The safety and well-being of our community remain our highest priority.

Over the past decade, our enrollment numbers have nearly reached 2000 families, a remarkable statistic that reflects the trust and dedication of our mission. Our teams’ enduring commitment has further fueled our efforts. With 23 core staff members who have been part of Elevations and ViewPoint since their inception in 2014, our executive team and key members across leadership, clinical, and program departments have laid a strong foundation for the success of Elevations and ViewPoint.


A Continuous Journey of Improvement and Growth

Our ten-year anniversary symbolizes a moment of celebration and a reaffirmation of our commitment to providing life-changing care. We are deeply proud of the impact we’ve had and are excited for the future. Here’s to many more years of service, innovation, and community building. Thank you for being a part of our story.

To every family that has placed their trust in us, to every student who has walked through our doors, and to every team member who has contributed to our mission—thank you. Our story continues because of you.