Do you think your teen is in trouble? Ten signs of struggling teens

Do you think your teen is in trouble? Ten signs of struggling teens

It can be heartbreaking as a parent to see your child struggle. Today’s struggling teens are at a risk for many challenges, including bullying, depression, drug or alcohol use, mental illness, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. Defining what your child is experiencing is often difficult and takes a trained professional to clearly identify how to help your teen. In the meantime, we have provided 10 signs that can indicate that you have struggling teens on your hands.

struggling teens

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  1.    A sudden change in interests or a drastic decrease in enjoyment of activities

A dramatic loss of enjoyment in your child’s activities can signify depression, whereas a complete and sudden change of interests can accompany drug use, engaging in risky behaviors, or criminal behavior.

This is especially true if the interests are drastically in contrast with your teen’s personality and previous interest

  1.    Experimentation with drugs or alcohol

Many struggling teens are curious about drugs or alcohol, but noticing that your child is experimenting with drug or alcohol use can signify other struggles. Especially if the experimentation goes beyond one instance

  1.    An increase in risky behaviors

Engaging in risky sexual practices, drug use, dangerous driving or other risky actions can also be a sign that your teen is dealing with challenges that may require intervention

  1.    Extreme or otherwise unexplainable mood swings

It is normal for teenagers to experience mood swings, but if you notice that your child is bouncing from extremely elated to intensely sad and angry, it is worth talking with your teen about what is going on with them to gain understanding about their emotions

  1.    Violent temper

Any time your teen becomes violent or exhibits a dangerous level of anger, it is a cause for concern. This is especially true if your adolescent has verbalized or written threats or plans for carrying out an act of violence

  1.    Increase in sleeping or spending time alone

Bullying, anxiety, depression, or drug use can all contribute to an adolescent spending more time in his or her room to avoid friends and family.

  1.    Drastic increase in rebellion or defiance

While it is common teens will experience periods of rebellion or defiance in an effort to find a sense of independence and identity, excessive rebellion or defiance of rules or laws can be a sign of struggling teens as well.

  1.    Lying

Be aware of your teens lying habits as this is normally when teens are trying to cover their whereabouts in an effort to avoid being caught in risky behaviors or coping mechanisms

  1.    Intense sadness

Extended periods of crying and sadness, or suicidal ideations are important signs that your teen is struggling

  1. Avoidance of peer group or sudden change in peers

Most teens are relatively social, so if your teen suddenly is avoiding their peers this is a sign to speak to your child

If you notice that your struggling teens are experiencing one or more of these symptoms over an extended period of time and you are becoming concerned, call ViewPoint Center at (855) 290-9682. We can assist you and help you provide the best course of action for your teen.


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