Creating A Stress-Free Holiday Season With Your Family

A close-up photo of a red ornament with gold glitter designs in a tree. To help symbolize the holiday season and creating a stress free environment.

Creating A Stress-Free Holiday Season With Your Family

The holiday season is full of fun and memorable experiences but can be stressful for many parents. In addition to regular obligations, parents may stress about financial issues due to so many expenses happening in such little time.  

Throw in the other hustle and bustle of the season, and it is easy to see how the holidays can negatively affect your mental health if you get caught in the frenzy often associated with this time of the year. 

The plan should be to enjoy the holidays, not be overwhelmed by them. Below are some ways to avoid burnout during the holiday:

Prioritize What is Central 

Not only is finding peace during the holiday season a healthy practice for your family, but it is a way of life that can help others around you. There will still be times when these expectations to get everything perfect will attempt to disrupt your routine. 

If you begin to feel overwhelmed, just pause and ask yourself, will this negatively affect my mental health? Or will it help me enjoy this time with my family? 

The steps to overcoming holiday stress involve learning how to anticipate it, acknowledging it, and being aware of what is causing it. 

Choose The Way You Would Like to Spend the Holidays 

Refuse to feel pressured into doing Christmas a particular way; after all, it is not about the parties but enjoying this time away from those everyday obligations and getting some time off. Concentrate on how you would like to celebrate with your family and what you would like to do as a family.

Deciding which traditions are significant to your family can be a remarkable opportunity to involve your kids in holiday planning. You can start new traditions together, creating memories that last a lifetime. 

Discussing your values as a family can also help bring your family together. 

Family Time  

Most of the time, something will disrupt your schedule during the holidays. Find ways to integrate the joy of the holidays into your family. 

Consider these boundaries: 

Place Boundaries on Certain External Social Interactions

You don’t need to make it to every holiday get-together. Prioritize your time and understand what you and your family can handle by communicating with each other. Doing this will help you spend quality time with those you love without feeling rushed.

Place Boundaries on Technology

Many holiday sales notifications overflow your inbox as soon as November rolls around. The endless stream of decoration ideas, items to buy, and must-try recipes can sidetrack you from what is essential. 

Removing technology as frequently as possible can help suppress the pressure of keeping up with everyone else’s celebrations.  

Place Boundaries on Spending 

Stick to a budget. Every present does not have to be expensive; sometimes, small, well thought out gifts are the most memorable. It is important to remember that there is no requirement for material gifts to celebrate. 

Sometimes, the best present is being there for someone. 

Incorporate Healthy Habits into Your Plans 

From a gauge of single peppermint candy to a jungle of candy canes, what is the volume of sugar you anticipate your children consuming this holiday season? There is a time and place to relish seasonal sweets; however, be aware of how much you eat, so they don’t become unhealthy habits.  

A healthy and well-balanced diet can assist us in thinking clearly and feeling more alert. Even during the holidays, life can be less stressful with improved attention span and concentration that comes with eating healthily. 

An inadequate, unhealthy diet can result in a lack of self-esteem, causing stress and depression.

Pay Attention to How You Are Feeling

A significant yet often overlooked aspect of practicing healthy habits involves knowing when to put what you need first. Many individuals may feel isolated since the pandemic and still need time to get back into significant social events. 

If you fall within that category, learning to recognize when you are feeling down and when connecting with others is the way to go.

Remember that this time of year is about giving to help the world improve. So if you need help or just time for yourself, make sure you allocate that time to your needs.  

Overall, the purpose of this time of year is for us all to take care of each other through service, gift-giving, and ensuring our needs are met before starting a new year.