Can Acute Care Facilities Provide Community?

Can Acute Care Facilities Provide Community?

Can acute care facilities provide community?

ViewPoint helps patients find stability while enjoying normalized activities on campus, key for a healthy transition.

When hospitals don’t have the ability to care for acute cases, patients are often held (sometimes for days on end) in the ER.

As a stabilization and assessment center, our interdisciplinary team provides high-level care to children 6-12 years old and adolescents 12-18 years old who require acute mental and/or behavioral healthcare. Our services not only help alleviate the strain on hospital resources but also provide patients with a more therapeutic environment for their recovery.


When families need strength and support, we are here.

ViewPoint is designed specifically for patients who need stabilization and/or support in obtaining an accurate diagnosis. Our comprehensive Interdisciplinary-Report (IDR) allows families and their team of care providers to understand the next steps needed for a strong recovery and a healthy future.

As a residential community, patients at ViewPoint are able to engage in more normalized peer activities, and enjoy indoor and outdoor recreation, community events, and peer bonding.


We understand the importance of community events and peer bonding in the healing process. That’s why we regularly organize activities, outings, and social gatherings for our patients to participate in; allowing them to connect with others who are going through similar experiences and enjoy being a kid.


Through our comprehensive,  evidence-based treatment, we aim to help children and adolescents find the stability and build the treatment plans they need to successfully reintegrate into their communities and lead fulfilling lives.

At ViewPoint, our goal is not just to treat the symptoms but also to address the root causes of mental health issues. By providing a clinically sophisticated and supportive environment, we aim to empower our patients to take control of their lives and thrive in their next steps.