Serious Teenage Attitude Problems: A Sign of Ecstasy Use?

sign of ecstasy use

Serious Teenage Attitude Problems: A Sign of Ecstasy Use?

teenage attitude problemsTeenage attitude problems are not new to parents–if you’ve raised a teenager, you’ve probably experienced these first hand. Serious teenage attitude problems can be linked to mental health issues, though–and experts say stronger drugs like MDMA and ecstasy are causing more of those issues. BBC reported on the details of this rising problem.

Drugs and teen attitude problems

Apparently, ecstasy is getting stronger, according to experts–which increases the risks of teens having issues regulating emotions and being able to think clearly.

It can increase teenage attitude problems drastically, which can get in the way of education and daily life.

Some quotes from the article about the effects of the drugs:

“So when he took something completely different later that year it brought back that feeling and he ended up trying to set fire to the person’s tent next to us and then ran back to the car.”

“Mood swings are a big one and it can bring on psychosis at the time which doesn’t just leave the brain with the comedown.”

So, not only are these substances becoming more addictive, but the after effects are becoming more and more problematic for teenagers.

Identifying if your teen is abusing drugs

It can be difficult to separate regular teenage attitude problems from really problematic behavior. Many parents find themselves asking, “Is this normal? How do I even know?” From the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, here are some signs that your teen may be abusing drugs:

  • Unexplained, confusing change in personality and/or attitude
  • Sudden teenage attitude problems, irritability, angry outbursts or laughing at nothing
  • Periods of unusual hyperactivity or agitation
  • Lack of motivation; inability to focus, appears lethargic or “spaced out”
  • Skipping class, declining grades, getting in trouble at school
  • Sudden change in relationships, friends, favorite hangouts, and hobbies
  • Changes in appetite or sleep patterns  
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain

If you believe your son or daughter is struggling with mental health issues or drug abuse, it’s important to seek out a professional for further guidance.

ViewPoint Center can help

ViewPoint Center is a teen assessment center that treats individuals, ages 12 to 17. At ViewPoint Center, we provide superior assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and stabilization–all in a personalized environment for your child in crisis. We strive to treat mental health issues with the most efficient and effective methods available.

For more information about how ViewPoint Center treats issues related to teenage attitude problems, contact us today at 801-825-5222.


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