We Need to Pay Attention to Teen Mental Health & Physical Health

We Need to Pay Attention to Teen Mental Health & Physical Health

teen mental healthIn a recent New York Times article, the link between teen mental health and physical health was explored. The article emphasized a lack of treating children’s pain–something you’d think wouldn’t be an issue–because of a misunderstanding of how it works, and how it affects them later in life. 

Early exposure to uncomfortable amounts of pain–an untreated sprained ankle or a vaccination, for example–can change the actual wiring of a child’s brain, giving them a higher sensitivity to pain. Even if it’s while you’re very young and cannot remember–it’s been proven that the nervous system will remember. Pain, whether it’s mental or physical, is highly ignored in younger people and requires a greater level of awareness to move forward.

Teen mental health & physical health intertwined

“The time has now come to do away with the artificial divisions between mental and physical health…” —World Health Organization (WHO)

To be mentally healthy, one must be physically healthy–and vice versa.

They’re intertwined. One cannot thrive without the other. This is one of the reasons exercise has such a strong impact on relieving stress and depression–our mental and physical selves are linked. This is why using practices, like mindfulness, that feed the brain can greatly benefit how your body performs or can even relieve physical symptoms of stress.

Improving awareness and treatment

Only once we, as a society, recognize these issues will they begin to improve. Teen mental health is a low-priority and has a large stigma attached to it–yet it’s not rare and it can decide the fate of a teen’s future. When a young person has pain, it’s often greeted with, “You’re too young to have that issue.” While teens can be frequently dramatic, maybe it’s time to listen a little more closely and look into issues a bit more thoroughly before we write them off as irrelevant.

ViewPoint Center can help

ViewPoint Center is a mental health hospital for teens, ages 12 to 17. At ViewPoint Center, we provide superior assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and stabilization–all in a personalized environment for your child in crisis.

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