Mood Disorders in Teens: Doctors Using Novel Medicine

Mood Disorders in Teens: Doctors Using Novel Medicine

Doctors Have Started Using Books to Treat Mood Disorders in Teens

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The popular books available to children today, can open up an entirely new area of imagination. Many kids become enthralled with book series and the fascinating characters that build each story. While reading is an amazing way to expand the mind in terms of imagination, we have never considered the benefits it may have on mental health. The idea of books being used for therapy has been around for centuries. Doctors have now started going back to this form of therapy by using books to treat mood disorders in teens, including insomnia, depression, and panic attacks. A recent article by NewsOK discusses the benefits of a new therapy option called bibliotherapy on mood disorders in teens.

What is Bibliotherapy?

Bibliotherapy is the therapeutic use of books and poetry to help treat the smallest form of up or down in life to diagnosable conditions like mood disorders in teens. It is a form of treatment that has become popular overseas.

British libraries are now offering full bibliotherapy services to anyone, including recommendations and exhaustive reading lists based on condition, at no cost. The London-based charity The Reading Agency and the Society of Chief Librarians can together to form Reading Well for Young People. It is a program that uses bibliotherapy to help teens and children find their way through problems like mental illness, bullying, exam pressure and eating disorders. Out of all of the people who borrowed “prescribed” books based on their conditions, 90 percent said they helped and 85 percent said the books helped their symptoms feel manageable.

How it Works

Experts believe that books that feature characters or people with similar struggles of mood disorders in teens are an important part of the treatment plan. It is designed to give patients hope. A great poem or story stirs up people’s emotions, ultimately getting them to a therapy solution faster. It isn’t about coming to one right answer, bibliotherapy is about encouraging people to see their own lives in literature to heal. They believe people potentially stand to learn and be emotionally affected as much by a fictional person or situation as going through a one-on-one therapy session. Bibliotherapy can also be used to indicate other therapy options for patient’s based on how they interpret a poem or passage.

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