Staying in control: Self regulation makes self control in teens possible

Staying in control: Self regulation makes self control in teens possible

Is your teen impulsive? Do they have a hard time controlling their anger or frustration? A lack of self control in teens can lead to a whole bunch of problems down the line. Self control in teens lies in your teen’s ability to self-regulate. Self-regulation is the reason self control in teens can occur at all.

New studies have emerged which indicate that when a teen is screaming at you about one thing or another, it’s usually because their brain has switched into “survival mode” due to their stress load being too great. In order to prevent the explosive outbursts you may be experiencing with your child, help them to understand what triggers this behavior. What exactly stresses them out so much to cause these outbursts? self control in teens

Understanding self control in teens

By identifying stressors and helping your teen build self control skills, you can help your teen achieve academic and social success.

A lot of the time parents think awesome test scores and a high IQ are going to get their teen to great places. While those things help (of course), developing a sense of self control and understanding what is getting in the way of your teen achieving success are some of the most important ways to help your child reach their fullest potential. 

Studies have shown that the level of self control in teens can predict the likelihood of things like substance dependence, physical health, a criminal conviction record, and money management later on in life. So start getting your child’s self control skills under control now!

Building self control in teens

Self control in teens starts with your parenting style. By catering the way you parent to your child’s specific temperament, you are taking the first step towards helping them feel supported, but not completely controlled. Most teens seek some sort of independence from their parents. By providing them a lot of support earlier on in life and then removing the scaffolding, allowing them to begin taking the reins of their own life, your teen will start learning that they need to establish some form of self control (and fast).

By modeling self control themselves, parents can act as role models for the way their children can control specific behaviors. If you’re not super in charge of your own self control, your child will figure that they don’t have to learn self control skills.

If your child is involved in a whole slew of extracurricular activities that may be causing them stress, make sure the whole family gets some R & R every now and then. Relaxation can be much needed and greatly reduces your child’s chances of acting out. It can get them back on the right track to build self control skills.

ViewPoint Center can help

A lack of self control in teens can be caused by a variety of issues. If you believe your child is struggling with emotional or behavioral issues, ViewPoint Center can help assess, diagnose, and form a comprehensive treatment plan for your child. ViewPoint Center is a teen mental health assessment center for young people ages 12-17.

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