Looking At Your Options: Helping Teens with Eating Disorders

Looking At Your Options: Helping Teens with Eating Disorders

Watching someone you love struggle with an eating disorder can be extremely painful. It can be frustrating knowing the “simple’ solution is within reach, but you just can’t touch it. Eating disorders are not just physical, they’re mental too. Individuals have many internal conflicts that they are battling with this type of disorder. If your teen is struggling with an eating disorder, you should first recognize that you cannot force them to change. However, you can influence, encourage, and support them in their journey to seek recovery and a healthier future. teen eating disorders

Treatment Options for Teen Eating Disorders

There is no “one size fits all” approach to helping someone recover from an eating disorder. The best treatment option for your teen depends on factors such as: symptoms, weaknesses, strengths, and the severity of the disorder.

A wholistic approach must be made to both their physical and emotional health. Medical doctors, mental health professionals, and nutritionists lend themselves to being good resources for help. Here are the various approaches that these professionals may take:

Medical treatment:The route that directly addresses the health issues associated with an eating disorder. Seeking medical treatment should be the priority. You should have your teen evaluated by a medical professional and develop the most effective treatment plan from there.

Nutritional counseling: The method used to help teens get on track to a healthier life. Nutritionists or dieticians can help your teen develop meal plans, dietary goals, and teach them ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The practices they learn in this setting will be transferrable to their everyday life.

Therapy: The effective approach for addressing the thoughts and feelings associated with disordered eating behaviors. Professionals can help teens to talk through these issues and teach them to replace their negative emotions with healthier attitudes. Therapy is an important part of treatment as this is where teens can learn to better cope with difficult emotional struggles without self-destructing.

ViewPoint Center can help

ViewPoint Center is a specialty hospital for boys and girls ages 12-17 who struggle with mental health disorders. ViewPoint Center a comprehensive therapeutic assessment facility that is licensed and provides 24-hour nursing. After comprehensive assessments are evaluated, treatment plans are established to meet the unique needs of each student. By the end of the treatment period at ViewPoint, families have a clear understanding of the child’s diagnoses and are offered full guidance on how to move forward and seek proper treatment. ViewPoint Center is dedicated to helping students and their families seek the treatment and care they need to lead happy and healthy lives. We can help your family today!

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