Help for Teen Mental Health: What Causes Anxiety Disorders?

help for teen mental health

Help for Teen Mental Health: What Causes Anxiety Disorders?

Stress and anxiety–we all feel them at some point. Whether it’s about an approaching deadline or planning something important, stress finds a way to wiggle in and make us a bit uncomfortable. For some individuals, especially students, it’s not just a small discomfort that goes away–it’s a lingering, pestering anxiety that seems to make you act and feel illogically in some of the most normal situations. Help for teen mental health issues like anxiety are available, the hard part is getting students to realize they have the option and that they shouldn’t be afraid to use it.

The causes of anxiety

Anxiety can be brought upon by a slew of different things: genetics, hormones, environment, relationships, trauma, and much more.

An anxiety disorder doesn’t entail just feeling stressed a little more frequently–it means someone is experiencing so much anxiety that it’s difficult to function in certain situations or moments, sometimes logical and sometimes not.

The adolescent years are some of the most transformative and intense, which makes it a perfect time to develop issues like anxiety. As adults, we have experience with how to properly deal with stress, but teens don’t. Not to mention that students nowadays have an enormous amount of responsibility set on their shoulders with little to no education on how to handle the stress of that correctly. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Study shows teens experience “adult-level” stress

If you think high school is just “kid” drama and doesn’t produce “real” stress, you’re probably wrong. A study by the American Psychological Association discovered that teens feel just as much anxiety as adults–if not more at times. This isn’t just a little stress, either, it’s the type of stress that keeps you awake at night, makes you skip meals, and makes you feel depressed. The type of stress that signals a parent to begin searching out help for teen mental health issues.

The study found that nearly 1 in 3 teenagers felt depressed, sad, or overwhelmed because of stress. It also was reported that about 25 percent of teens skipped a meal because they were too stressed to eat. Of those teens that said they’ve skipped a meal because of stress, about 40 percent said they do it weekly. Sounds like a pretty unhealthy way of coping with stress, right?

In the study, it was discovered that on-average, a teen’s overall stress throughout the year was higher than an adult’s. This is probably due to the lack of experience with how to deal with stress–but it could also be linked to new factors, like social media.

Social media & anxiety

Like all new technologies, there’s always a downside that needs to be addressed–for social media, it could be the obsession with “likes” and a strong fear of missing out (FOMO). As a program that provides help for teen mental health, it’s not unusual for teens that come to us to have a pretty unhealthy relationship with technology.

In a recent CNN article, teens discussed their own experiences with social media anxiety. One girl explained how her friend nearly had a breakdown because she didn’t receive a certain amount of “likes” on a photo she posted on Facebook. This type of behavior is linked to an individual basing their self-worth on something such as “likes.” To them, not getting enough “likes” means they’re not popular or pretty enough–it can create an enormous amount of anxiety.

This is why it’s so important for schools and parents to pay attention and educate their children about how to use technology responsibly. This also exemplifies the importance of providing help for teen mental health issues. 

ViewPoint provides help for teen mental health issues

ViewPoint Center is an assessment center and mental health facility for teens, ages 12 to 17. At ViewPoint Center, we provide help for teen mental health through superior assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and stabilization–all in a personalized environment for your child in crisis. We strive to provide help for teen mental health through the most efficient and effective methods available.

For more information about help for teen mental health issues at ViewPoint Center, contact us today at 801-825-5222.


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