Healthy Family Relationships: Influencing Mental Health Later On

healthy family relationships

Healthy Family Relationships: Influencing Mental Health Later On

Emotional Life Influenced by if You Had Healthy Family Relationships

healthy family relationships

While growing up, we learn a lot from our families, even our friend’s families. Some of us develop healthy family relationships, while others have more difficulty staying connected. Either way, our families plays a large role in who we become, the values we embody, and interests we pursue. Recent studies have found that healthy family relationships could play a large role in your mental health later in life. PsyBlog recently released an article discussing research that has linked healthy family relationships to emotional responses.

Research Connecting Family and Emotions

Researchers conducted a study to determine how heritable emotional response was to healthy family relationships.

To test this, researchers did brain scans of 35 different families. This study is the first study to bridge animal and human clinical research to show a possible transmission of emotional responses linked to depression and other mental illnesses. The brain system governing emotional response is most passed down from mother to daughter. Fathers were less likely to pass on emotional responses to either boys or girls.

The researchers found that the volume of grey matter in the brain scans was more similar in certain areas related to the emotions in mothers and daughters. But the other healthy family relationships did not show the same connection. Due to this, it provides potential tools to better understand depression and other mental illnesses. Anxiety, autism, addiction, schizophrenia, and dyslexia are all believed to be influenced by healthy family relationships.

Multiple Factors

Clearly healthy family relationships are not the only factor that play a role in emotional responses and mental health. Genes that are not inherited from the mother, social environment, and life experiences all play a part in the overall well being of our mental health. If you’ve had issues developing health family relationships, it could be the root of any mental health issues you’ve been having. If you’re concerned about your mental health, there are solutions available. Don’t let the stigma of mental health stop you from seeking the help you need to achieve well being.

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