Dealing with Teenagers: Don’t Become Your Teen’s Emotional Trash Can

dealing with teenagers

Dealing with Teenagers: Don’t Become Your Teen’s Emotional Trash Can

dealing with teenagersDealing with teenagers and their rollercoaster of emotions is a difficult task for every parent. For teenagers, the emotions they’re experiencing are confusing and intense, which can be hard for them–but it can also be hard for the parent.

In adulthood, we’ve learned how to pretty effectively process our own emotions, but what about the ones thrown at us by our teens? That’s a bit different and can lead to a lot of built up stress inside the family dynamic. PsychCentral recently published an article discussing this topic and how to avoid becoming an emotional trash can when dealing with teenagers.

Dealing with teenagers & their emotions

I know that dealing with teenagers is never an easy task. One moment you feel loved as a parent, next they’re yelling that they hate you and slamming a door in your face. Parents are often expected to be able to handle anything their child throws at them and when it doesn’t happen that way, they’re looked at as bad parents–this is a mistake. Parents are there to help a child grow and prosper. It requires guidance and discomfort.

A mistake that many parents make is letting their children walk all over them. Cleaning their room for them. Practically doing their homework for them. Essentially making it so that their child never has to really deal with getting rid of their own “trash.” While this may seem like a great short-term solution, it’s detrimental to your child’s well being in the long-term. They need to know that you won’t always be there to do their laundry, wash their dishes, throw away their trash, and mend their broken friendships.

You’re not a trash can for your child’s emotional or literal waste. Consequences are very real in adulthood and the better your child understands that reality, the better off they’ll be. I know it’s hard to take that first step and tell your son or daughter to do their own laundry–but it doesn’t have to be harsh. Show them how. Help them sort the clothes the first time. Tell them how much detergent to put in. When dealing with teenagers, you’re there to guide them, not run their life.

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