Using Books to Teach an Out of Control Teen an Important Lesson

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Using Books to Teach an Out of Control Teen an Important Lesson

Most parents know how far the power of an out of control teen can go. It can escalate from slamming doors in your face mid-sentence to sneaking out at night to breaking into buildings to abusing drugs. Teen angst is a normal part of growing up, but it can get carried away to the point of endangering themselves and others.

out of control teenRecently, five teens exemplified what can go wrong when teenage rebellion gets completely out of hand–but one judge decided to deal with it in a very unconventional and creative way.

A sentence including books

Back in September 2016, a few rebellious, unwise teens decided to deface a school building with hate speech.

For many teenagers, this would’ve led to community service or other regular punishments–but they received a completely out of the box task in order to teach them a lesson.

Instead of the usual community service sentence–which can be effective, but many teens don’t take much away from it because it’s so common now–they received a sentence including books.

Each teenager was ordered to read a book every month for twelve months and write a report on each one. The books they have to choose from focus heavily on diversity, including titles like “Things Fall Apart” and “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

On top of the book reports, the teens must visit the United States Holocaust museum along with the American History Museums. From this information and their own experience, they must craft a research paper explaining what type of message they sent to the African-Americans in the area and why it was an atrocious act.

The sentence was inspired by the Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Alex Rueda’s mother, who was a librarian and taught her growing up that books can teach you all you need to know about the struggle of discrimination.

Many applaud the judge who made the sentence for coming up with a consequence that will actually enrich an out of control teen’s mind. Many teenagers get lost in the school system and turn to rebellious behavior as a result–but a sentence like this could force an out of control teen to take a second look at education as a tool for good instead of something tedious.  

Sometimes an out of control teen just needs perspective and books are incredibly useful at providing that. If you believe your son or daughter is really struggling, it may be time to seek out a professional for further guidance.

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