Assessment Centers: Solutions to Teens Who Have Been In Multiple Placements For Treatment

Assessment Centers: Solutions to Teens Who Have Been In Multiple Placements For Treatment

Often in their ongoing efforts to cope with and ultimately overcome their struggles with mental health issues, teens often undergo multiple placements for treatment. Some young people in fact go through multiple treatment facilities before one that best addresses their issues and meet their needs. Often their issues are misdiagnosed, with this misdiagnosis resulting in courses of treatment that often prove unsuccessful.

Benefits of assessment centers

For these young people and their families, assessment centers are often the answer. Assessment centers supply solutions to teens who have been in multiple placements for treatment because they:

  1. Provide all in one care. Instead of having to undergo multiple placements for treatment, going from doctors’ offices to therapists’ centers to various treatment facilities, teens can be assessed and treated in a single central location.
  2. Are enclosed environments. They serve as a sanctuary for troubled teens, granting the peace, quiet and nurturance they need to succeed—and, ultimately, to heal.
  3. Assess the teen’s problem from all angles. Aside from having to endure a multitude of physical and emotional examinations as they undergo multiple placements for treatment, the assessment center specialists can collect all of the information needed to form a complete profile of your teen and their issues; a profile that inspires them to create and administer a thorough and successful course of treatment.
  4. Provide expert and personalized care. Many assessment centers treat a small number of patients at one time, so that they can meet one-on-one with these kids and their families; thus ensuring personalized, highly specific, and ultimately long-lasting care. The patient may indeed feel that they have found a new family at the assessment center; a highly skilled and expertly trained family standing at the top of their field.
  5. Can be the best option for struggling teens. At each therapeutic assessment center, one is bound to find a number of success stories centered around successful young patients and unified families.

ViewPoint Center can help

ViewPoint Center is a nurturing assessment program geared toward teens ages 12-17, offering care and solutions for a vast variety of mental health issues. For more information, please call 801-825-5222 or visit ViewPoint Center at

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