Art Therapy Program: How Making Art Can Improve Health

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Art Therapy Program: How Making Art Can Improve Health

Art is generally thought to be something you do in your free time, not something that can improve your mental health–but research says otherwise. An art therapy program is a program that combines aspects of psychotherapy and art in order to provide a therapeutic experience.

Studies have shown that for adolescents, making art can not only reveal things about themselves, but it can actually ease anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

What is art therapy?

Art therapy uses a combination of therapy and the creative process of making art to help an individual work through challenges they’re currently facing. The process is facilitated by an art therapist who helps inspire the individual to open up and express themselves in ways they can’t with words.

The benefits an art therapy program can offer

More studies are delving into the possibilities art has to offer us besides providing something pretty to look at.

art therapy programOne discovered that making art increased activity through the prefrontal cortex. This is the part of the brain associated with regulating thoughts, actions, and emotions–very important for overall success.

In another study conducted by the Phillips Graduate Institute, it was found that art taps into a part of ourselves that we don’t often access, giving a new perspective on issues.

According to the author, Shirley Riley, using imagery as a form of therapy accesses our earliest way of connecting with our world. By letting their struggle take the form of a piece of art, they’re taking an internal challenge and making it external. It allows the individual to see that what they’re struggling with doesn’t define them–it’s something that can be changed.

Adolescents can also be more willing to open up through a collage, drawing, or painting than in a regular talk therapy session. This is what makes an art therapy program effective. It provides a different medium for adolescents to see, feel, and work through their emotions and thoughts. While a teen may have a hard time talking about what they’re going through aloud, they may be inclined to do it through something that seems a bit more vague–but can actually speak volumes more.

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