Benefits of Meditation: What Taking a Moment to Breathe Can Do

benefits of meditation

Benefits of Meditation: What Taking a Moment to Breathe Can Do

In our incredibly fast-paced society, it’s easy to get lost in the habit of “go, go, go” and not rest often. While completely tasks and goals is an important part of life, our bodies and minds need time to rest and recover. Restfulness is just one of the benefits of meditation, there are many more.

Especially for teenagers nowadays, life can become overwhelming pretty fast. Students have many responsibilities and sometimes they can become too much between getting a high GPA, playing sports, participating in clubs, and staying involved in the community. It can lead to serious anxiety and depression.

Taking a moment does more than you think

benefits of meditationWhen mindfulness started getting popular, many just assumed that it was another trend that would come and go–but the benefits of meditation say otherwise. This ancient technique has been used all over the world for centuries to help people focus, heal, and cope.

More and more research is showing us that this isn’t just another “trend” either. The benefits of meditation have the power to really nourish, maintain, and improve your mental health.

When someone thinks of meditation, they often imagine someone staying still and quiet for a long period of time, but there are many different types of meditation. The one that has been studied more recently is mindfulness meditation. This meditation isn’t just about sitting and breathing, it’s about taking the time to check in with yourself.

It’s about objectively getting in touch with what you’re feeling, why you’re feeling that way, and how your environment is affecting you. This may sound redundant, but most people almost never do this because they’re always focused on completing the next task.

Anyone can do it

The benefits of meditation can be reaped by anyone. People often believe that meditation is something for the monks and spiritual masters, but that’s so incorrect. While it may take time to be able to sit still and really train your mind to meditate, anyone can do it.

More importantly, research has shown that simply taking 10-minutes a day to meditate can lower blood pressure, improve anxiety, lower depression, increase focus, and better overall wellness.

It’s obvious that meditation has a lot to offer, so hopefully more and more people will begin to use it to their advantage.

If you believe your teen may be struggling with a mental health issue, it’s pertinent to seek out a professional as soon as possible for guidance.

ViewPoint is here for your family

ViewPoint Center is an assessment center for teens, ages 12 to 17. At ViewPoint Center, we provide treatment through superior assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and stabilization–all in a personalized environment for your child in crisis. We strive to provide the best help for troubled teens through the most efficient and effective methods available. Our goal is to help your teen through this hard time.  

For more information about how we use the benefits of meditation at ViewPoint Center, contact us today at 801-825-5222.


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