Assessments At ViewPoint Help Teens Find The Right Path

ViewPoint offers assessments and testing to ensure your teen has the best care available.

Assessments At ViewPoint Help Teens Find The Right Path

Here at ViewPoint, we combine all aspects of your teen’s life that make a significant difference in academics, socializing, and a comfortable environment that works in your teen’s best interests. 

Now having this picture in mind allows us to form a solid long-term plan for treatment. More so, utilizing a full range of assessments/testing to create a personalized and comprehensive plan for continuous treatment and ongoing success.

That said, these assessments identify particular issues, whether your teen is coming from a persistent therapeutic program or recovering from a crisis. It helps formulate many more new treatment plans.

The ViewPoint Center immediately supports teens in their time of need and for them to begin their paths toward the healing process. Together with a dedicated and experienced team that supports each patient to the best of their abilities.

Another way is by sharing insights and also working to avoid challenges from recurring in the future. On the other hand, the ViewPoint Center is built to understand your teen’s issues and struggles, which helps develop a clear view of the future.

They also provide adequate and proper treatment by their team, whose expertise is in your child’s most crucial needs regarding mental health facilities available today. If you and your family are seeking answers to your questions but have yet not found them, we suggest looking further into what we have to offer.

At the ViewPoint Center, our compassionate and trusted team carries out assessments that are an essential step toward the progress made towards recovery. We have an extraordinary team, and they also uncover challenges to create a fruitful path for tomorrow, providing an excellent opportunity for a bright future filled with hope for your teen.

Furthermore, the first step to a productive interminable treatment plan is the knowledge of your youngster’s behaviors, feelings, and thoughts. Additionally, observations of your teen in the classroom, activities, and therapy assists us in forming a full picture, complete of their strengths and needs. 

While attending the ViewPoint Center, our patients engage in a wide variety of activities and also settings, which supplies diagnostic insights. Throughout their time here, they can participate in diagnostic assessments for ViewPoint and use the tools provided to help them. 

Diagnostic Assessments/Testing and tools include the following:  

  • Physical and Health Assessment
  • Family System Assessment
  • Psychosocial Assessment
  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Medical Evaluation
  • Neurological and Psychological Evaluation
  • Self-Harm Assessment
  • Nutritional Screen Assessment

How do Assessments Help Our Child’s Future

Observations are available in different settings, which helps us configure a complete picture of your child’s strengths and needs. Moreover, the team at ViewPoint utilizes a full-scale range of assessments to assemble a diagnosis, which addresses every part of your teen’s life in the long run.

Getting a Good Perspective

Once the significant mental health assessment procedure has been completed, a verbal (MDR), a Multi-Disciplinary Review, to discuss the findings. We will then review the therapeutic experiences and neuropsychological tests. Each part of the puzzle is crucial in capturing what will best help your teen. 

Treatment options are available to choose what best suits your family’s needs. The MDR is generally scheduled at the end of your child’s stay once everything has concluded.

You will also receive a final MDR report, which is fully merged with the Assessment findings acquired through its multi-disciplinary team.

After their therapeutic assessment, every family is provided with a thorough MDR, which captures clearly defined future recommendations and a well-fleshed diagnosis for treatment. 

Assisting Teens in their Healing for Real Progress

Research designates accurate intensive care assessments like those at ViewPoint can lead to a reduction of 20% in the days of treatment—helping your teens to return to you sooner than later.

The ViewPoint Center is a full-scale therapeutic assessment facility licensed as an outstandingly remarkable psychiatric hospital for teenagers of all genders aged between 12-17.

ViewPoint recruits two tracks used in succession or independently to lodge the individual needs of every patient. The short-term track provides a nurturing environment that stabilizes patients clinically and psychiatrically.

The assessment channels ensure thorough multi-disciplinary evaluation involving clinical, psychiatry, academic, medical, social milieu, and neuropsychological functioning.

The clinical assessments, which are eight weeks, ensure that inpatients get the answers they require. Additionally, even the most difficult diagnostic questions and treatment recommendations are long-term. 

ViewPoint’s campus is about 30 minutes north of Salt Lake City, Utah. We are a residential program that offers high-value expertise to teens who have complex and uncertain diagnoses. 

Our mental facility/hospital is one of a kind, ensuring the utmost is given to patients at every opportunity. We offer various treatments for teenagers to help them live happier, more fulfilling lives.