’13 Reasons Why’: A Reason to Discuss Teenage Suicidal Thoughts

teenage suicidal thoughts

’13 Reasons Why’: A Reason to Discuss Teenage Suicidal Thoughts

You’ve probably heard about the controversy surrounding the show 13 Reasons Why and teenage suicidal thoughts. Many experts believe the show glorifies suicide and mental health issues, while others believe it brings up very important topics that need to be discussed.

Overall, this show has brought to the surface many topics parents and schools have had difficulty discussing before.

About the show

13 Reasons Why is based off of the book by the same name written by Jay Asher. It’s about a teen girl who commits suicide.

Shortly after, her classmate receives a box with old cassette tapes inside–the tapes detail why the girl decided to take her own life, pointing out everything from sexual assault to bullying to an ill-equipped guidance counselor.

Pushing important talks to the surface

In health class, students generally learn about physical health–which is important, don’t get me wrong, but mental health is just as important. One doesn’t function properly without the other, yet we act as if physical health is far superior.teenage suicidal thoughts

Even with the controversy surrounding 13 Reasons Why, it’s hard not to notice the critical discussions that have arisen because of it. Whether for or against, it’s put talking about teenage suicidal thoughts on the table, something that many people aren’t comfortable with or willing to talk about usually.

Some argue that the show could pose a risk to those who have experienced or are experiencing teenage suicidal thoughts. They suggest that the show glorifies suicide in a way that could push others to follow suit thinking the same will happen.

But others believe it has provided an incredibly opportunity to talk about suicidal thoughts and other mental health issues. That is exactly what one of the writers, Nic Sheff, said he wanted to do.

Sheff argued that there’s a certain alluring mystery surrounding suicide that he was working to dispel through the show. He wanted to take away the mystery of it and reveal it for what it is: absolutely tragic. He argues for the graphic scenes because it brings realism to it all instead of something smoothed over for audiences.

Ultimately, it seems 13 Reasons Why will continue to be a controversial topic, but we can all agree it’s done some good in spreading the word about mental health issues in teens. If you believe your child is suffering from a mental health issue, it’s critical to seek out a professional for guidance.

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